Expanding the Power of Women’s Collective Giving

“Expanding the Power of Women’s Collective Giving”

Beth Ellen Holimon’s mission throughout most of her career has been helping women. For the past five years, she has led Dining for Women, dedicated to eradicating poverty in the developing world for girls and women and achieving gender equity. DFW educates approximately 8500 member donors on the underlying issues contributing to women’s inequality. Under Holimon’s leadership as President and CEO, the global giving circle has grown to 500 chapters

“What Teen Writers Think of Gloria Steinem”

Gloria Steinem is a feminist icon. But Steinem, a writer at heart — and 1971 NYWICI Matrix Awards winner — told an audience of rapt New York City teens that she sees life “as one big editorial meeting.” The young women just finished a school year as mentees in the Girls Write Now program, an intense series of workshops and outings with mentors. The goal is helping young women find

“The Click: Connecting Confidence to Competence”

In Grace Killelea’s recent NYC talk at Women in Cable TV’s Leadership Lounge, the CEO and Founder of Half the Sky Leadership Institute focused on four pillars as the cornerstones of leadership: Relationships, Reputation, Results and Resilience. Grace uses a personal anecdote to illustrate her coaching advice: At one point in her career, she weighed 380 pounds. Her suggestion: learn to work with what you have in terms of physical

A conversation with Jill Abramson

“A Conversation with Jill Abramson”

On Jan. 30, 2015, NYWICI hosted Reinvention: The Art of Coming Out on Top, a one-on-one interview with the former managing editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, conducted by NBC News’ Weekend Today anchor Erica Hill. Reported by Nancy Gendimenico, Robbie McKeon, Gail Griffin and Susan Wuornos. Written by Tekla Szymanski. Photo by Jan Goldstoff Here are a few highlights. On Leaving the New York Times When Jill